Moments of Grace: Signs and Synchronicities (#4) Merely Coincidence?

Tell me again about your Beloved

and the rainbow

About your Brothers,

and how you thought you saw one

sitting across the street in his funky car.

Did he send the butterfly you just

couldn’t shake?

Now the other has shown us

so powerfully

that he Shines On

Tell me about the lights on your bicycle

flashing in the middle of the night

About the little girl in your class

who called out your Daughter’s name

And the message you found

Your Daughter wrote it

on the underside of the table

before she passed

Tell me about your son’s writing

on that next page of the scratch pad

You found it months later

It said “I love you Dad.”

About the roller hockey game

on your brother’s anniversary

and the actor from the film

you used to watch together

About your dancing fire

and the strange green light

At your best friend’s memorial

What about the Rose that blooms

like clockwork

Beside the sculpture I created

for your baby girl?

Or your Father, and his favorite seafood dish

at your business meeting?

You told me that your Brother

pointed to his head

in your dream

before you even knew

what had happened

And that although you were sad

about leaving,

you were not afraid to die

because you knew the Truth

Tell me again about your vivid dreams,

the coyote and the hummingbirds

About the boy on the train

who talked your ear off

And when you asked him his name,

what did he say?

It was our son’s name

Then I will tell you

about my hummingbirds

And the smoke in the night sky

About a stranger

with a bouquet of flowers

A Soldier who called me from Germany

to talk about Brothers

While at the same time the Medium

was telling me that my son was talking

about Brothers…

and to look out

for the bouquet of flowers

Then another handsome Soldier

appeared at my car window

with a smile

Answering a question

I had only asked in my head

I’ll tell you what the young man,

a complete stranger,

called out to me

As I was leaving the restaurant

About the oddly familiar way

the little boy in the vet’s office

looked at me,

then kissed his dog.

What name did his mother call him

when it was time to go?

It was our son’s name

I’ll tell you how grateful I am

for all of you

And for those who share messages

with such clarity

No longer afraid to say

that they SEE

and HEAR what others may not

So is it merely coincidence

That we met

the night before our Sons’ birthdays?

Two mothers,

Two candles in one slice of cake

at The Olive Garden

That we met on a bridge,

in a store,

at the gas station?

We are the ones I am writing for

with So Much Love.

Postscript: Each of the above refers to events, just too perfect to be mere coincidence. With awe, tears or goose bumps, often all three, I listened to the touching and detailed stories shared by friends, acquaintances and family who knew or suspected that their loved ones were sending them a message from across the veil.