Moments of Grace: Signs and Synchronicities (#6) Look For Me In The Clouds

The signs mostly come when I’m alone, and often in a series, like puzzle pieces. Words can’t express how grateful I am for them. But I have to say, there’s something so amazing and validating when you have witnesses! I recently had a reading with a medium who told me that my son Nick closed his communication with “Look for me in the clouds.” 

About three days of perfectly blue, cloudless California skies followed…

Then the fires started. One night, on or close to the full moon, my partner and I walked out of our front door into the yard. The moon was huge, low in the sky, and orange, because of all the smoke. A few minutes later she literally gasped  “Oh my God, look at that!”

There in the smoky clouds, was a giant, wildly colored image of a hummingbird in flight. It looked like a painting, more realistic than abstract. I had not told her about my reading. However, she was aware that one of Nick’s strongest signs for me is the hummingbird.

The truth is, I had noticed something a minute or so earlier, (but the scene was not yet what it would become)  and I looked away, thinking that I’d better get a grip. When my partner called my attention back to the sky, the hummingbird was in his full glory. I stood there in awe and a bit confused…

Then I realized how absolutely brilliant it was!

As a young boy, Nick had been obsessed with fire fighters and everything fire related…We probably visited every fire station in town.  I even made curtains and a duvet cover for his room with a fire truck theme.  Of course he wasn’t going to send me the fluffy white clouds I had pictured when I was told “Look for me in the clouds” !!!              

That wasn’t Nick’s style when he was in his physical body, why would it be now?  

Postscript: It’s now been almost three and a half years since Nick passed. After several more of these types of experiences, (they continue to this day), and much study and exploration on my part, I now know that my son is not lost to me. He is very present in my life and the lives of those he loves.

6 thoughts on “Moments of Grace: Signs and Synchronicities (#6) Look For Me In The Clouds”

  1. How adorable! You also found peace in something that the news made seem so disastrous. This is a refreshing take on what is deemed as dark and horrific transformed into the beauty that accompanies life and death; Mother Nature has a graceful way to remind us of Her gifts.

  2. Reading this gave me chills, particularly as I’m watching news about the Camp Fire right now! Nick must be very evolved to be able to send you such strong signs so soon after his crossing. You are blessed <3

    1. Dawn, thank you for reading. Don’t dismiss those chills! I believe, and you know this too, that the signs are all around us and we just have to continue to open our eyes, ears and hearts and allow them in.

  3. Love everything about this…..I must admit the title got m attention. It’s awesome how you connected all the pieces of the “sign puzzle”! 👏👏

    1. Hello Heidi! Thank you for taking the time to read it. They are clever in the Spirit world, aren’t they? I’m just trying my best to keep up a little bit. Of course you mean the “Moments of Grace” part of the title! Funny, I thought of that when I first met you and heard your story. I actually wrote several of these before joining HPH, but removed some posts and fiddled with the publishing dates to put them in the correct order.

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